Creating a new site for a unique recruiting practice.

The Project
Client RecruitWell
Location Boynton Beach, FL
Services Web Design, UI/UX, Web Development, Third Party Integration
Team Full activation of our creative and development staff.

A different kind of healthcare recruiting firm.

Recruitwell is a healthcare recruiting startup founded by industry veterans, focused on placing providers in their perfect position. Specializing in permanent placements and with a strong set of core values, RecruitWell needed to differentiate themselves as a unique player in their market. 

FCD stepped in to create a website that works as hard as RecruitWell does. In recruiting, building trust and authenticity is incredibly important, and became paramount in the overall tone, direction, and design of their site.


Clean. Concise. Modern.

FCD quickly identified that ease of use and clear navigational queues were needed for this project to best support the busy medical professionals who make up the primary stream of traffic to the site. Using client provided copy, our team laid out an intuitive information architecture and a simple, clean design that maintained a high level of professionalism, while utilizing a modern aesthetic. 

It was imperative that job seekers could easily find information about open positions and apply with very few barriers. FCD created a streamlined job board using information from Bullhorn (Applicant Tracking System) via their REST API, to list jobs and provide a single step application process to prospects.

Primary Font
IBM Plex Sans
Color Palette

Hitting the ground running.

Since the launch of Recruitwell’s new site, the company has posted hundreds of available positions. Global search features help user’s to locate jobs no matter where they land on the site, greatly increasing conversions through the job board. The streamlined information architecture helps to quickly identify employers and job seekers, reducing friction and aiding in demarcation of the two major audiences. Multiple contact touch points on the site provide users a way to chat with recruiters, which increases conversion, and opens up dialogue with the firm, which may be otherwise missed.

450+ jobs posted
Intuitive information architecture
Concise content

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